Hard to top the ‘Birthday Potty’…but…

Dear World.  After realizing that I can actually see stats of my blog traffic…it seemed like barfing words all over the internet highway could be something that people might actually get a kick out of.  So!  I’m pulling all the stops and preparing you for the ride of a lifetime (you were warned about the puns way back at “Birthday Potty”).  This is no Ryan Gosling extravaganza but, I present to you, post number 2!

The Artist Project went so very well.  I met so many wonderful people – all willing to listen to me talk about how much I love making my work.  People really got it!  If only one monkey at one typewriter wearing an ‘operator’s-headset-from-the-1950’s’ could have typed out all the reactions and keywords that were used to describe the work….it would have written my artist statement (for a fair wage or extra credit, of course).

I was so delighted to witness people seeing it for the first time.  I’ve never seen so many middle-aged men giggle like school girls, or so many school-girls say such motivating things about Craft.  They all seemed to dig the ‘knock-knock-joke-esque’ nature of it all.  (That’s a point for me pun-knockers and knock-knock-knockers alike!)

I’m thrilled that most of my lil preshies found great Homes to go to.

Here are a few shots of some of the new work!  Oh, and a picture of why my dog thinks he’s ssooooo cooool.  psssh.  Stay tuned for post #3, featuring my new jewelery pieces…finally, ‘Dwelling on a Whim’ that you can take with you everywhere you go – *thumbs-up-tooth-gleam*.

Thanks to BlogTo for sticking me in their Artist Project post (even though they don’t mention who the heck I am)

And thanks to The Toronto Social Review for favoring my booth and actually mentioning my name!

Thanks Sony and Plaid magazine for tweeting about me too!  (Shout-out to Patrick at Sony, because he’s the coolest:) )

-signed with vehement hugs around precariously placed porcelain objects,


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