Anouncing…the schnoodle powered tricycle!!! oh, and my ETSY SHOP!!

As promised last week, this the launch of my new Porcelain Jewelry – Etsy site!!!! I gave up on the schnoodle powered trike as you can see, because he really just stands there.


Without further a-do: I present to you…THE SHOP. ****Receive a 10% discount if you mention you saw it here at Etsy checkout! Expires April 1st, so hurry ****


Stay tuned next week, where we decide the winner in the Dog Beard vs. Man Beard epic battle of the century.


Don’t forget to “Follow” my blog, so you never miss out on the excitement. Also, to see some of my sculptural work, check out my website *******HeRe**********.


-signed with vehement hugs around precariously placed porcelain objects



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